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Our key team

Commercial Director
Chris Propert-Lewis
Mob:+44 (0)7966 442947

Editorial Director
Peter Rowlands

Editor, m.logistics
Sharon Clancy


About us

Spice Court Publications Group is a small independent UK-based publishing business. It is privately held, and owned by its management. Constituent companies include Spice Court Publications Ltd and Ivory Square Publications Ltd.

We were founded in 2000. Over the years we have forged wide-ranging links with the logistics sectors we serve, and established a strong presence in our markets.

The majority of our past editorial (millions of words) is freely available on our web sites, and consequently our web pages figure frequently in search results.

Our team's past credits include logistics journalist of the year and special distinction for a new magazine in its sector.


We write, produce and publish business magazines in niche areas of logistics. They are printed and circulated as conventional hard-copy magazines, and are supported by busy web sites, complete with current news and comprehensive editorial archives. We also publish annual printed listings guides, which have their own related web sites, and we distribute email newsletters.

Above are recent covers of our four main publications, which are:


Fulfilment & e.logistics
The definitive magazine on multi-channel fulfilment and home delivery.

Telematics and mobile computing in logistics, transport and field service.


Fulfilment Guide
Companies specialising in multi-channel fulfilment and home delivery.

Telematics & Mobile Data Guide
Companies specialising in telematics mobile computing and related activities.


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